“Do Not” x3

There’s three “Do not” phrases in this verse. Each are important instructions that are missing in our current culture.
Self-control over your thoughts, actions, and what you say will go a long way.
Let God trigger you, not the people, not the government, not the devil.

3 Important Things

In the last few days that Jesus was alive, he did three very important things. Even though he knew his life was ending soon, he was still teaching his closest friends about the importance of relationship.
1. He ate with them
2. He washed their feet
3. He prayed with them
There’s nothing like sharing a meal with your closest friends.
Nothing more humbling than washing the feet of those who gave up everything for your cause.
Praying together solidifies the first two. All three acts are models to follow and life lessons to share with the next generation.
The importance of Christ-centered relationships will be critical in the coming seasons.
~Michael-Paul J