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Asking and Receiving

Have you ever wanted something but didn’t know how to go about getting it? We all have. I have as well.  It’s natural for us to desire material things and I believe God wants us to have nice things. But we can’t make things more valuable above His plan and purpose for our lives. Today we want to quickly break down Psalm 37:4-5 so … Read More Asking and Receiving

The Empowered Soul

A few weeks back I received a word from the Lord that was very encouraging and empowering.  As always, God shows up at the right time with exactly what we need to hear. It was simple yet profound.  I want to share it with you because most of us have been at a place of questioning the plans God has for us. The word … Read More The Empowered Soul


Have you ever noticed that distractions come at the most inconvenient times? That’s because they’re designed to do just that. Recently I was praying and got sidetracked by a distraction. It wasn’t a thought to distract me or something like tiredness, it was a physical kind in the form of a rude, loud, boisterous neighbor. At 6:45 am on a Sunday morning, this joe … Read More Distracted

Culture of Abusive Grace #2

“If we (the Church) continue to knowingly sin, forcing ourselves to rely on grace continually, then the sacrifice of the Cross would seem to be in vain.”Michael Johnston

Culture of Abusive Grace

This is part 1 in a 3 part series How often do you see someone new in the faith fail? Many times I’m sure. We all have.  And there is on occasion, those of us that have been in the faith for years who stumble and lose sight of the call on our lives. I can give ample testimony of my own failures. So … Read More Culture of Abusive Grace