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Quick Glance of the Heart

Let’s say you need heart surgery. You go in for a consult and the doctor prepares you for all that needs to take place. Then the day arrives…you go under the knife. Like most people, after several hours, you’ll come out fine. Today I want to take a different look at heart surgery. One from the perspective of Jesus the Heart Surgeon. So if … Read More Quick Glance of the Heart

Team of V.I.P.’S

Team of V.I.P.'S.

Team of V.I.P.’S

So you’re a leader and you have a team of V.I.P.’S. They are “very important people” to say the lest, because they are on your team right? But today I want to talk about another form of V.I.P., which stands for “Very Interesting People”. In leading people today, I think it behoove’s us as leaders to surround ourselves with people who have some interesting … Read More Team of V.I.P.’S

How’s Your Vision?

How's Your Vision?.