“So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36 NASB


What do you think of?

What comes to mind?

The ability to do whatever it is that makes you happy?

The state of being content?

As a friend of mine says “Freedom is the opportunity to purchase a chocolate cake and to eat the whole cake all by himself.” (I don’t recommend that, ok, maybe just half, because I love chocolate anything!)

On a more serious note, freedom is much deeper than living in a country where opportunities are endless. Freedom comes not from a government or social status, what your checking or savings account ledger reads, or even the house you live in.

Freedom is a state of spiritual habitation that only comes from God. Your freedom was paid with the blood of the Son. Referencing the above Scripture, the word “indeed” translates “real truth”. That’s hard to find or define today. Unless you know the Truth, and the Truth of Christ makes you free, you’re really a slave to what you think liberates you. You’re thinking won’t set you free. You political views and opinions won’t do it either. Being content in Christ is the only dimension of freedom possible. Anything else is bondage and slavery.

I challenge you on this July 4, 2019, to reach down into your spirit-man and seek what really defines your freedom, what is that you consider liberating. Remember back to when you first loved Christ because He first loved you!

Be blessed!

God bless America!

Michael J

The High Cost of Fake Living

Are you paying too much for less?
These days, our money travels less than it used to, so adjustments have to be made everywhere.
As I get older, it’s not how much I have, but the quality in the things I collect in my life that matters the most. My relationships, time, and money find more importance centered around quality rather than quantity. I would rather spend time with a few people that I really like, as opposed to a room full of acquaintances that I barely know.
That being said, I would rather spend $120 on a well constructed leather backpack over getting something wholesale and blemished for half the cost.
My closet is full of “good deals”, but do I really need all of them? Probably not to be really honest. Clothing that is comfortable and fits good that also compliments your body is worth the few extra bucks spent.
Life is about choices. Choices shape the people we become. To be relentless in the pursuit of a better life, we must take a long deep look within ourselves and conclude that change is eminent. We need to drop bad habits, and feed the good ones. Surround yourself with people that are successful and have been through some tough times and overcame great odds to achieve the impossible. If your goals and dreams have been shelved, get them down, dust them off, and move forward. Re-discover the vision, believe the impossible, and see the invisible!