The 254th Day of 2001

It is impossible for me to forget. This atrocity happened on my 32nd birthday. I’ll never forget where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with.
We were put on this earth to do good, to be a light of hope, and to help. What I know to be true is God’s word: “Every time I try to do good, evil is always present.” Romans 7:21
But the evil that took place on that specific day, that Tuesday, the 254th day into the year, pales in comparison to the evil that surrounds and often engulfs this nation today. I believe that on that day, our enemies who have been beating down the door for centuries, succeeded. And with certain victories comes dishonest gain. There are those here on domestic soil that have a spirit of Benedict Arnold, a sell-out. Most, believe it to be true or not—have become our representatives and elected officials.
There’s no good or trust found in man, only God himself. If man would reacquaint himself with God and not religion, the present evil would be pushed back somewhat. We know that evil will exist until the Day of the Lord returns. In my own opinion, evil will never cease to exist because there is an eternal hell that it will coexist with itself in, but those who find themselves on the other side of Glory will be eternally separated.

Push back evil with good. Show the Light of the world through your kindness and goodness of heart.

Be blessed and be a blessing!
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