Humans Do Things In Reverse

Humans do things in reverse.

We want to save the planet, but we never want to save ourselves.
We want the freedom to choose, but we make all the wrong choices.
People give up their lives so we can be free, but we gladly give up our rights as long as we can live in bondage.
My body my choice, selfish and alone.
We want this world to be better for the future generations, you know, the ones that never get a chance as they’re carted out back of the clinic…
One color over another but we were all created at the same time in His likeness and image and still we prefer mine. Mine all the time is better than yours, scared of someone else’s success targets our insecurities.
Learning lessons from older ones by doing the opposite, thinking we have all the answers only to find they tried it before and it didn’t work.
Maybe someday we’ll get things right or that’s what the headstone will suggest. Half truths, half lies. But one things for sure, hearts will be broken for nothing more than this wonderful life.
If I have offended you with my words, I’m not aware of it, so don’t hold me accountable for the flaws in all of us…

#onlythebeginning #spokenword #mypoeticjourney #lifedoesntrhyme

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