King of the Hill

And to Jesus, the Mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks better than the blood of Abel. Hebrews 12:24 | NASB

Jesus makes a way to approach the trembling mountain by His own sacrificial blood. Sinai was unapproachable, but Jesus being transfigured once on the mountain before the witnesses of Peter, James, and John makes a way by transforming our hearts and the mountain itself. The power of the Almighty transforms everything, including the mountain from the Law to Love.

The journey we take from unrighteousness to righteousness is infact moving from Sinai to Zion. The shed blood on the cross and the resurrection of life eternal through Christ Jesus transfigures us and our mountain that we are chained to. No longer is it a mountain of doom and gloom, but of hope and peace for righteousness sake.

The New Covenant prepared by God in offering His only Son, speaks better or testifies truer than the blood of Abel because the blood of Jesus has redemptive purposes and not vengeance. We are not adopters of the Kingdom by violence but by love, and love only. The Zionic model that Jesus exemplified is love from the Father, and then that same love shown to our neighbors.

The sprinkled blood had, and still has a purpose today. Whereas the slain blood of murder through jealousy, envy, and strife has only the thought of getting even. Sinai, is it’s motivation, is bound by the letter of the Law. But vengence belongs to God and Him only. The perfection of love throws out every preconceived notion that fear motivates us to sin. Zion tells the poetic story of surrender of oneself and to submit your life to be laid down for the sake of your brother. There’s no better cause, it is infact Zion’s purpose.

Take caution in your response to the shedding of blood today and it’s purpose. From where does it get motivation? From Sinai or Zion? Will you respond with vengence or with love? Your response will either reconcile or refuse the path to freedom and liberty in Christ Jesus.

Michael-Paul J

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