Creative Chaos

Almost everything innovative and creative was birth through chaos. Chaos can be controlled, by recognizing what it is. It’s just a temporary setback. Most often, chaos is characterized by less than favorable circumstances.

We currently occupy a time of Chaos with the coronavirus pandemic, political unrest, economic instability, and personal problems of health and safety concern. And there has never been a better time under heaven than right now to bring God’s creative mandate to the Earth. People need solutions to real problems. God has people strategically placed to release creativity from heaven above to do just that.

Position yourself to stand under an open heaven that dumps creativity down like a never-ending fountain! Receive the blessings from God spiritually and financially that the creative mandate brings with it. Reinvent yourself to engage the current culture, bringing love and peace of the Lord Jesus in humility. Turn chaos into the creative kingdom dynamic.

The Creative Mandate: How to Unlock Divine Creativity

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