Monthly Archives: January 2018

For someone searching today for answers:

“Trying to change everything around you but not putting an effort into changing you will result in dysfunction and disappointment.” ~ Michael Johnston

Consider the seed. It goes in the ground and gets covered up by soil. Rain, wind, sunshine, and fertilizer influence the seed into what it becomes. The seed doesn’t change anything but itself, only after being influenced by these elements. You are that seed. 

In the event of a transplant, whatever grew from seed to plant form continues to be influenced by the elements that surround it. 

When you manipulate your surroundings to better serve you, growth is hindered. 
In the end, the seed, which becomes a tree, plant, flower, or food, only stands to influence those that benefit from it. Your plan and purpose as a tiny seed – is to help others. 

Questions to consider:

  • Am I willing to change so I can grow? 
  • What influences are in my life that are good? Which are bad?
  • Looking through the lens of the Holy Spirit, what purpose and plan did God put inside me so others could benefit?