​When evening came, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed; and He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were ill.

Matthew 8:16 | NASB

“And He cast out the spirits with a word”.
This phrase leaped at my spirit this morning. What word? Matthew didn’t say words, or prayer, but simply used “word” as the catalyst for healing and delivering those afflicted with demons. 
This is Jesus modeling for us how to use the power gifts of healing and deliverance to break the yoke of spiritual and physical bondage that seeks to destroy. It takes a certain anointing to operate in this area. 

Some will say, “That’s not for today”.

I say it never ceased to exist. The key is in the “word”. The modern comfortable church has watered down and in some cases, changed the word to entertain the same people that need healing and deliverance. It’s too messy, right leader? It may cost you something, right pastor? Vanity and pride hold the key to the prison cell door.

I would rather heal and deliver millions of people that flow through the doors of a church they do not attend regularly, than have twenty thousand in attendance every Sunday that are suppressed and bound and kept at bay by a twisted and perverted gospel. 

People need help. The Lord is ready to work through you if you are gifted with a healing and deliverance ministry. You will need to fast, pray, and seek God’s face. He will give you the word. Don’t compromise the gift of the word. 

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