The Shame of it All

Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings. 

Genesis 3:7 | NASB

The very first spiritual battle took place at the forbidden tree. I believe that this was the first recorded murder as well. The serpent was able to convince Eve to commit spiritual suicide by twisting God’s word. God stood by and watched as a jealous and caloused fallen angel convinced Adam and Eve to eat. 

Sometimes I wonder: Do you think they were even hungry or did they feel forced to eat? 

There are times when in spiritual battle, that the body will make involuntary responses in a physical manifested form. This is proof that there’s a battle that wages war on the inside of you. You seem to feed off of things that aren’t necessarily good for you to eat physically or spiritually. 

In the scripture above, their eyes were not opened to the truth, but that the serpent had lied. They already knew the truth in that God told them not to eat or they would die.
Sin, when recognized, reveals one thing: shame. When in the middle of the battle,  its hard to separate the truth from the lie. When you come to the reality of the truth,  the shame of the sin is revealed, hence the need to clothe themselves. But when you are found in the arms of Christ the Redeemer, there’s no more shame or condemnation, only mercy and grace draped by the love of God.

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