Then the priest said, “The sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom you killed in the valley of Elah, behold, it is wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod; if you would take it for yourself, take it. For there is no other except it here.” And David said, “There is none like it; give it to me.”  1 Samuel 21:9

“Whom you killed in the valley” will be the focus this morning. 

Everyone has had the valley or wilderness experience at some point in their life.  It’s where you face the demons, the enemy.  You have to decide to live or die.  Do you watch someone else fight your battle, or do you go in alone like David?
You should know that you don’t come out of the valley until you are victorious and the enemy is defeated.  Whatever it is you face, fear, doubt, depression, health issues, financial issues, addictions, etc., you don’t quit until you win.  All it takes is one smooth stone, the Rock from the river, Jesus.  He’ll take down any giant, no matter the size.  He’s bigger! He wins every time! You win!

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