Wednesday Weddings

“What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” ~ Jesus, Mark 10:9

In today’s motivational thought, we want to explore the concept of assurance.

There are times when your spouse needs to know that you love and care for them.  Either random acts of selfless kindness or just telling them that they are loved is often necessary for a healthy relationship. 

Our scripture today is one that most know. However, have you ever considered the wording Jesus used?  Especially the phrase “let no man/woman separate”?
Many couples think that their relationship is impenetrable because they walk with God.  This simply isn’t true.  It doesn’t say “what God has joined together NO man will separate”.  When reading this scripture, it tells us that God can only protect what you allow Him, that there 

can be trouble if you’re not careful. 

He wants you both to fill your hearts with faith and love for Him and each other, so when the enemy of marriage and relationships comes in like a flood, He will raise a banner over you! (Isaiah 59:19)

So, you have to assure one another that with God, your marriage will make it no matter what, as long as both of you try. 
As I have stated in other motivational moments, words are cheap and often empty–actions on the other hand, speak loud and clear what your heart’s motives intend. 
Challenge yourself today to strengthen your relationship by offering some assurance that boldly sets a stronghold of love that no person or spirit can destroy. 

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