Do You Smell Like Sheep?

Who is a Shepard? What do they do? Where do they go?

These are all interesting questions for the new convert. Jesus talked quite a bit about the role of the Shepard in the gospel of John.  He even referred to himself as the “Good Shepard”.  In other scriptures, someone refers to Jesus as Good Teacher, and he corrects them by telling them that “there is no one good except God” (paraphrasing).  Some think he contradicts himself but I believe the difference lies within the positioning or context, and what he was actually saying in specific scripture.  For instance, In the gospel of John chapter 10, He’s referring to the Good Shepard as the Gate, which we know by studying the bible that the context is eternity.

Let’s try to answer these three questions.

Who is the Good Shepard?  

In John 10:11, Jesus states that He is the Good Shepard.

The word for good in the Greek means “beautiful” or “better”.

The Greek word for Shepard  is “pastor”.

He’s our Beautiful Pastor.

What does He do?

He lays down His life for the sheep! (John 10:11) This means he feeds us, he protects us,        he fights for us, he sacrificed himself for us, and died for us! Isn’t that wonderful?

The bible says that “the sheep hear His voice and they know Him”.  He knows us as well.

In Psalms 23, there’s a perfect picture of the role of the Shepard from David.

We’ll look at it next.

Where does the Shepard go?

He goes everywhere we go, as long as He’s in our heart.

He leads us by still waters. He makes us lie down in green pastures.  He restores us.

He guides us.  He prepares a table for us. He anoints our head with oil.

He is the Beautiful Shepard!

If you are feeling down or depressed about your current life situations, understand this one thing: Jesus the Good Shepard is more than capable of lifting heavy burdens  off of you.

Give them to Him and allow His yoke to be placed on you because its lighter than any worry you have.

He’s the Beautiful Pastor thjesus-the-good-shepherd-01at has laid down His life for your sake. By His shed blood, you have access to the green pastures and cool calm waters. Call upon His name today!




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