Elijah Prays

To learn to pray as Elijah is a great desire of God to humanity. It is within reach. We must desire prayer as fervently with God to accomplish His will. 

Elijah’s prayers accomplished three things:

1.) Fire fell. The Holy Spirit needs to be revitalized in the hearts and minds of Christians today. Burning out the bad, bringing forth the good. A refiners fire. 

2.) People fell. There’s those in our lives that need prayer. They have giants killing them daily. They walk around defeated. They need to submit to God, by falling on their knees in surrender. Pray that their haughty spirit (and yours…) will break under the humility of God. 

3.) Rain fell.  Rain nourishes and revives dry things. The church has been too dry, too long. Pray that a cleansing rain will fall on you today, and it will saturate and permeate every dry thing in your life.

You are a living thing that grows every minute, and every hour. These three things above have to happen for Christian maturity. Humbly submit to God, so the devil will have no choice but to flee!  

God Bless, 


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