Learning From My Mistakes


Everyone wants to be more successful. Right? I know I do. I’m tired of making the same old mistakes.

The best way to learn from making mistakes is to closely study those who have overcome great odds themselves.

They’re not perfect in doing everything right, but are moving forward in success.  That’s the goal-moving forward.

I haven’t done everything right in my life.  My friends and family will testify to that with a huge amen and a hallelujah shout!

In this post, I offer some advice that brought me to a place of freedom and breakthrough, by choosing several different successful public figures, I was able to adopt useful habits for myself.

It’s not a lengthy list at all, but rather key points that should help.

Let’s get started!

First…Kill The Pride

     I don’t have the answers to everything. Never did…and never will.

     That’s a sigh of relief and a pain in my gut at the same time. but I do want all the answers!

     Life goes much better when I realize that fixing my own problems first is more important than saving

     the world from theirs.

     When you kill the pride, then you may apply what you’ve learned to help others.

     Their victory leads to your success when humility is involved.

Second…Kill The Ego

     Alas…the first cousin to pride.

     Part of knowing everything is having the ego to back it up with.

     You have been designed by God to do great things.

      But there’s this little problem called ego. Don’t let it get in the way.

      Our egos somehow find a way in ruining relationships, marriages, careers, and life if its not controlled.

     There’s a line out of a favorite eighties movie, Top Gun that deals with ego.

               “Son, your ego’s writing checks your body can’t cash.”

     I have to continually curb my ego to allow others the opportunity to be part of the team.

     The people around you are different, almost all are introverts. Being a dominant       extrovert sometimes

     gets in the way of their personal growth and goals.

Finally…Kill The Talk

     After studying personalities for two decades now, my wife and I have met some interesting


     Becoming licensed CBA’S(Certified Behavior Analysts), we know there are certain personality traits that

     won’t go away-it’s the way we are designed.

     But there’s one thing that has room for improvement, and that is

     the way we talk.  Not only how we talk, but how much we say.

     I had to learn to talk less and listen more. When doing so, I realized the unique personalities people

     have that I was missing.

     This is paramount to rising above the problems of pride and arrogance. Plus-it will make you feel better

     about yourself and others.

How about trying a little exercise starting right now-decide within yourself that today is a great day to change some things.  Become more humble by setting your pride and ego aside, listen more, learn more, and be able to love more.


Until next time,


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