The coming season of revelation…

​I think the church (the Bride of Christ) is getting ready to enter a season of change brought about by the Holy Ghost. Unconventional methods and uncommon wisdom will take a stand, pushing back old methodology and worn out cliches from decade old sermons. 

Revelation consisting of higher levels, from walking lower in humility, will surface and begin to draw those looking for a genuine move of God. Desperate people are looking for answers from real people who have spent time in the presence of God. We can’t talk about change, we have to model change. We can’t change others until we change ourselves. 

We can’t prove God’s love when it’s absent from our own lives. 

When you are ready to get activated, to be propelled, to be shot out like an arrow, the living spirit of God will guide and direct you. He is watching and waiting. He’s measuring your level of desperation, and how you respond to Him when He comes to you. 

Will you find a place in that coming season? 

Will you be ready?

What will keep you from moving forward?

Will you take a step back, or run forward?

No one can answer these tough questions but you. 

Sleep well……

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