The Fraying Of Freedom


I awoke one morning very perplexed in my spirit. I knew that I had seen some things in a dream that God wanted me to pen.

The Dream

It was a very dreary day, like that of a storm moving in. The sun wasn’t shining and it looked like rain was coming.
I saw a very tattered and torn American flag flapping in the wind. It looked like something out of a Revolutionary War scene,  the flag had been through many countless battles. The edges were frayed and thread bare, it’s colors were faded, and there were holes all over it from taking fire through the air. The wind immediately stopped the flag from flapping, causing it to lay motionless around the pole it was fasten to. As it hung there lifeless and worn draped around the pole, it began to descend.  Someone was lowering the flag to take it down.
I didn’t see the person who was lowering the flag, so immediately I understood that the act of taking it down was more important than “who” was taking it down.
I clearly heard the spirit of God tell me this:

“Freedom in this nation will come to an end soon. Liberty to do as you will, will cease to exist.  Evil men and women have sown seeds of discord and depravity amongst the leaders of this nation and you will reap a harvest of the same. Captivity awaits for the generations that have sold out to self, greed, and prideful arrogance.”

Like any normal person weighted down with the convicting power of the Holy Ghost, I got myself up out of bed and I began to repent for myself and this nation. As I continued to pray and intercede, several statements and questions began to bombard my mind:

Imagine a world without freedom.
     -Everything you do daily involves freedom that could be taken away at a moments notice.
     -What would you do?
     -How would you function?
     -What about those around you?
     -Consider your loved ones and those who depend on you…what will become of them?

The Interpretation:

The longer I prayed, the interpretation was revealed.  We Americans have given in to pride, arrogance, greed, and self, leading to spiritual lack.  Like the vision of the tattered and war-torn flag, so is the moral fiber and spiritual stability of this great nation.  We have been found unbalanced in the scales of morality, choosing wrong over right, darkness over light, and evil instead of good. (Isaiah 5:20) We must reap what has been sown.

Hypocrisy has interwoven itself within our moral fibers as well. It’s been found on either side of the political spectrum and in the schematics of both world and the church. We have leaders speaking into the lives of millions of people, spewing evil agendas and hypocritical ideology. They’re speaking filth into our ears from board rooms, social media outlets, and to church congregations, twisting and bending the truth until it assimilates fiction.
At best in it’s subtlety, hypocrisy reveals one thing: that we as a nation are willing to do whatever we can to get all we can get for ourselves. Instead of being selfless, we have become self-centered, self-serving, and selfish under a facade of false humility wrapped in a false sense of grace.

Whether you believe that there is only one true God in Heaven above, if you embrace atheism, or think that we should just co-exist, you cannot escape this one simple rule in life: What you plant, you must also harvest.

We are people that have made mistakes, taken chances, and somehow overcome obstacles time and time again.
I believe that through this dream, God wants to show us to rely more on Him, and less on ourselves.  We, as a nation that proudly advances the phrase “In God We Trust”, have come to bare the the fruit of hypocrisy. We don’t trust God because we don’t know God. The men and women that govern society don’t know Him. Leaders of the free markets that claim to be capitalists don’t know Him. Liberals who claim to be open-minded about everything refuse to acknowledge His existence. Even some of God’s chosen vessels have turned their backs on Him.
Church leaders with powerful influence around the country have given in to the lustful cries and desires of their congregations. They’ve steered away from the truths of God and His word. False teachings and an “anti-Christ” spirit seem to have turned the pages of what the church has deemed biblically and historically correct. Instead, they’ve been in search of a more disinfected and diluted version of the Gospel, deleting anything that offends people, in order to grow bigger crowds and bigger bank accounts.
So here we are-messed up.
I asked God if there was any hope left for this nation. Will the next president and leader of the “not-so-free-world” help. The Spirit comforted me and brought me to a place of peace.  Whoever God decides to put in the Oval Office will have to inherit a mess that will take years to fix. He also warned me to not get so wrapped up and taken over by what I see in the natural, but know that He is Sovereign and in control. The things that we see with the natural eye, those things that look horrific and disheartening are nothing compared to what we can’t see. There are battles going on in the Spirit that would shake men to their core, striking fear and bringing them to their end and destruction.  But know this: If God is on our side, who can stand against us? Who can destroy us?

How can we fix it?

What’s our part?
What is it going to take?
God began to show me the importance of intercession.
A call to action is required. Intercession should be at the helm of every ship sailing in a spiritual sea. The masts should be adorned with sails of humility and humbled hearts. Knowing that there’s no turning back until God hears the cries of a nation that wants Him in control.

The bottom line is that we are at war.  Sometimes the only way to survive is to get “air-to-ground” support.  That’s intercession, calling heaven down to earth, in faith, believing that God will supply and meet every need through humble prayers.

Intercession has to be tactical and precise. We have to pray with purpose.  We have to target prayers and be on point.  Going into the secret place with God cannot be for the weak or spiritual lax.

I believe that our first priority as we begin to intercede should be that God would begin to change the hearts and minds of this nation and bring us back to Him.  Our motives have to change so we can see the will of God fulfilled on the earth. When our motives change, our minds will change. With our thoughts being taken captive by Him, then His love will overflow into everything we do, causing a change of the heart.  God is love.  If we don’t love unconditionally, we actually limit God’s power in us.  Limited power in the Holy Spirit leads to a weakened and anemic culture bound by our own demise.
Just getting together and praying isn’t working.  We need to overhaul, and possibly scrap the current model of prayer we have in place.  As I said before, our prayers need to be purposeful and on target. We need people with specific prayer assignments to attack and assassinate demonic strongholds and influences in the spiritual realm. There needs to be more prayer going on at home as well.  If you can’t get alone with God at home and pray, then you don’t have any business praying together in corporate intercession in the local church. This is the problem.
There is also a call for more fasts in the future of the church.  We have commercialized and profited from the Daniel Fast long enough.  It’s time to take on more fasts with purpose. We don’t need to get so focused on the legalisms of how we fast, we just need to do it and stick with it! Fast as the Spirit of the Lord leads you. Its good to do corporate fasts, and I’m not condemning them. I’m just sharing the heart of God by revealing the truth and nature of God’s will through what is important for the church’s future survival.
The things of prayer and fasting are the keys to the future of the body of Christ.  If we want to see the freedoms and liberties restored to this great nation, if we want to see Old Glory driven by the wind of the Spirit of God  once again, then it’s time to get on our faces before Him, and humbly pray in desperation.  The picture has been given. Clarity and vision has been set before us. God is with us, and He surrounds us.  It’s time to move. Its time to pray.
Be encouraged. Be blessed. Be moved.
Love like never before.

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