Marriage Is Ministry

Jesus can save your marriage. He can walk on the water of indifference and pull you both from drowning. He has the power to push the current culture of promiscuity back and recreate wholeness and rightful marriage engagement.
If you’re in leadership, marriage is ministry. If your a pastor, marriage is your ministry. Whatever you do for the kingdom,  if your ministry is a success but your marriage is falling apart, save your relationship above all other things.
Your marriage comes first no matter the circumstance. Truthfully, you have shallow intentions if your preach, teach, or prophesy, but your marriage is in trouble. Let God repair the breech, and he’ll restore not only you, but what He called you to do. If you love doing ministry, but have no love for one another, it’s time for a shift in your relationship. When the fruit of the love you have for one another is realized, you can accomplish anything together!


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