Streamlined Resolution 2016

Where did 2015 go? It seems like yesterday that we welcomed it in. Now, a year has gone by and here we are already in 2016.

Did you accomplish everything you set out to do? How about those infamous resolutions that lose their glimmer of hope soon after the third week of January? Yes? Awesome! No? Me too…crash and burn!

Try setting reasonable goals for yourself. Set up your resolution like an outline on a paper you would write or a story line. Bullet points and subtitles make for shorter obtainable goals in half the time. It doesn’t really matter how many pages your outline is, as long as it’s getting you the results you need to succeed in 2016.

The key is to stay with it! Be consistent.  Treat your outline like a journal. If you don’t meet specific short goals, then write down the reasons why, and rearrange some things if necessary. Don’t lose heart. Don’t get off track from complacency. Keep it up. It’s up to you. King David had to encourage himself, and so will you.

Happy New Year!

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