Accept What Is Yours

There’s a lot of mystery that surrounds the cross of Calvary.

Just studying God’s word will uncover the rich meaning of the original text and all the types and shadows of hidden meaning in complex detail true to the Jewish nation and heritage.

From the words Jesus cried while beaten and bloody hanging on a cross, to the varying spices used to anoint him before burial, to the reason why he left his burial clothing in an empty tomb, it all means something.

But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. We always look to the how, or the when, or the where for the importance, when really all we need to look for us the why.

It’s rather simple.
The why is…You. That’s right, you. The reason He came, lived, died, and rose again. Simple yet complex. Not Him of coarse, but you, me, us…we are simple and complex.

But in all the simple complexities we have, He knows every bit of it. He knows our hearts, intentions, our pain, motives, thoughts, and so on.
He also knows that we need Him.

Today, I challenge you to accept what is yours…Him!
He’s waiting.
He’s alive!
He’s risen!
He’s forgiving!
He has a place for you!

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