Do You Know Truth?


“And you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

                    ~Jesus, John 8:32

Do You Know The Truth?

Jesus spent a lot of time telling us stories. They’re found in the four gospels. He simply starts some of his teachings by saying “I tell you the truth…”, which indicates to me that his audience must’ve been blind to certain truths of their day. Not much has changed.

The teachers of Jesus’ day, much like some of ours, kept people in the dark about the truth. In fact, I don’t think  they actually knew  “truth” themselves. They were always in search of it but never coming to or acknowledging what truth actually is, much like today.

More often than we like to admit, there’s this big mucky, grayish area that most of the post-ressurection church lives in today. That’s why it’s so hard to find real truth.   We’ve been taught by truth-twisters to stay strict on some biblical teachings, but stray radically off center on others. Topics like grace vs. the law, mercy or love, and so on.

Today’s culture teaches that whatever works for our individual ideaology is where we should make our decisions, which are based primarily out of our emotions. Truth is shoveled to the curb like dirty snow on the first day of spring.

So do we really know what truth is?  Truth is defined by as “a truer actual state of a matter”. 

Its not a matter of our opinion that determines truth, but rather facts. For instance, if I make this statement: “if you walk out in front of that car, you’ll get ran over”, most of you would agree with me that you would, right? But the truth is, I didn’t say whether or not the car was moving. Was it parked? So the “truth” that you thought you knew, was only partial because of the information or the lack of information given. This is the current problem today.

We make decisions based on misinformation connected with a broken filter and call it truth.

Over the years, I’ve found this one principle to be right when it comes to truth: the more experience you have with a certain area or areas of your life, the more truth you know about those subjects.  Case and point: If you are a new believer in Christ, your level of “truth” is small in comparison to those who have served God all their lives. Another instance is if I’m just coming out of a builder and construction trade school, I haven’t the skill set of those who successfully make their living at it. Yet another analogy is this: If you’ve never seen an electrical outlet before, you have no idea the amount of electrical current that runs through the socket until…you stick something in it…like a nail or a car key! Now you know TRUTH!

So truth, much like the truth Jesus conveyed, is built upon a few key points. They are experience or maturity, and comprehension.  Changing the way you think about things, about truth for sure, will extend and strengthen your level of capacity for understanding truth. 

The real answer is getting ahold of God, after all, He is truth.

People are more blinded by twisted truth because they make decisions based on pure emotions rather than prayerfully seeking God’s will.  “It’s my life, it’s what I want” is replaced with “God, I need your input and solutions to these problems I’m facing.”

Which one, do you think, will bring more solid answers with truth from above?

What area(s) in your own life need to be rehabbed with a fresh dose of truth?

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