Do we know Jesus the way we think we do?


I am perplexed at the amount of Jesus I do not know.  I’ll explain.

There’s so much bible that I have retained from memeory over the years that when it comes to really “knowing” Jesus, my knowledge seems to get in the way.
My self-indoctrination gets the best of me.  I am too quick to reject a thought or an idea from a completely different viewpoint, that I deem it wrong or off.
This always brings up a few “hair-raising” questions…

Should I be so quick and arrogant to judge?
The answer is a humbling and resounding “no”.  We should be wise in making sure that whatever the subject matter is balances with the word of God for sure.

Am I in error with Jesus to do so?
Maybe.  I have found that most of the time, there is a lesson to be learned from the Holy Spirit that I usually miss the first time.

Some of the things that Jesus did in his day were so unconventional and undeniably different. 
Another question comes to my mind…

How are we, as the church today, doing things differently?
Have we moved so far off center from the Jesus model that we are more comparable to the Pharisee churches of His day…the one he came to steer the people away from? 
These questions are better answered by giving more thought than we normally would.  They command more time than just jumping to “head-knowledge” answers that we’ve become so accustomed to.

I believe we have come a long way in some regards, but have even further to go in other areas.  Our thinking alone can’t change things, but it will help, and it’s a good place to start.

I would challenge you to change the way you engage others and the way you process information pertaining to the things of God in the next few days.

Question: Other than changing the way you think, what else can you do to make others more convinced that we serve a radical and unconventional God?

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