Carry It or Bury It


Today I want to talk about something that most people avoid. The dangers of holding grudges.  I must admit that I’ve held grudges for years that should’ve been let go of already.

The 5 W’s of the Grudge

WHAT is it? A grudge is ill will or resentment towards others that usually ends up causing bitterness and unforgivingness.

WHO do we hold grudges for? We hold them for those who may have hurt or offended us in some capacity.

WHEN do we begin to hold these grudges?  We either hear of or see an offense, not necessarily a truth, but rather a perceived truth,  through an obscured or hurt filter.

•WHERE do we store grudges? First we record them in our minds, then we quickly file them away in our hearts so we can gain access to them anytime. Whenever we feel the need to justify our decision for holding grudges, all we have to do is open up the hurt locker and revisit the event.  PLEASE STOP!

WHY do we hold grudges?  We lie to ourselves by saying things like “it’s only to protect myself for the next time this happens”.  The simple truth is, we hold on to grudges because we’re too childish and stubborn to sit down face-to-face and work it out.

So how do we rid ourselves of holding on to these nasty little bugs? 
In 1 Corinthians 13:5, Apostle Paul says that “love keeps a record of no wrongs”.
Say this: I forgive you.
Easy right?
Now ask God to help make it right by asking Him to forgive you, then finding the courage to face those you hold grudges against. I promise it will make you feel better.

Question:  Do you hold onto a grudge(s)? You’ve got two options:
Carry It or Bury It.

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