The Problem With Women Is…

You’re probably thinking to tackle such a topic would make even the strongest of male species quiver with fear, and rightly so.

This isn’t about problems women face with themselves, or men.  It’s about the need for men to better understand women. And to do just that, men have to consider correcting some things in their thinking.

So the truth is-men need to become more like Christ to understand their brides.  With this in mind, to finish the title of this post, “The Problem with Women is….Men.

We could spend copious amounts of time with this subject, but it’s best to be brief.  I want to highlight a few points that men could improve on, to better the relationships with their mates; the ones that we live for, and are willing to die for.  What, to die for?  You better believe it!

Key point #1:  She is to die for.

Are you willing to give her your last breath, so that she might live?  Even if it means your life will end?  (Something to contemplate)  Christ did just that for us, for the church.  How much value have you assigned to the life of your wife, your better half?

Key point #2:  A man should love his wife more than he loves himself.

We like ourselves, the way we look, the way we dress, etc.  So we need to love them like we love ourselves.  We feed ourselves, take care of our bodies, and use proper hygiene on a daily basis, and so it should be likewise with her.  Her mind, body, soul, and strength depend on the strong love from her mate.

Key point #3:  We need to listen more.

She wants to know that you’re listening, and listening translates into caring.  Make eye contact.  It sends such a great message that you care, and the value you assign to her and the relationship being built will strengthen over time.  That’s the desired result: to strengthened relationships.  The most important thing for couples today is building trust and faith in each other through communication.

Key point #4:  If you want it to work, you must put forth the effort.

How much effort you put into your marriage is exactly how much you’ll get out of it. We used to say relationships are “50/50”.  In terms of mathematics, that means two halves coming together to make up one whole entity.  Let me suggest looking at the situation completely different.  How about two, one hundred percent individuals coming together, forming an unbreakable bond of two hundred percent? This creates a stronger and more stable approach to any relationship.

All it takes is some effort on your part, and to think about her more than yourself.  We need to realize as men, that her life, love, and dialogue are more important than anything we have going on at the moment.

It’s about building for the future, and setting a model in place for your children and grandchildren to follow.

My past experiences and joyful, happy, flourishing marriage of twenty-four years inspired this post.

God Bless.  Michael

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