One word worth a thousand pictures

Pictures and Words

There’s a famous quote that’s been around through the ages. You know it-
“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I have never been one to think inside the walls of the box of boredom, nor have I been found in the circles of some intellectually elites.
But when I hear this phrase, I think there’s more to it than just the clear simple statement that it represents.

In the Kingdom of God, and of His Heaven, I believe there is a reciprocating factor to everything created. Let me explain.

When God creates something, that one thing, whatever it may be, it doesn’t just stand alone-it has purpose, and in some cases, it depends on other factors for its existence. For example- when God said “Let there be light”, light was created. But the light had to be created for something that was to come after, something to shine on. God knew that the earth and all that was created after, like man, the trees, flowers, the animals and all the wonders of His hand, would need light. Likewise with man, it was not good for him to be alone, so God created him a helper, someone who was dependent on him, and him to her also. Yes-I said that! God knew that man would need a woman to survive. Truth.

So with all that being mentioned, if a picture is worth a thousand words, than one spoken word-must be worth a thousand pictures-which is the reciprocal.
Let’s do a little exercise-Can you think of a word, any word (clean or dirty for that matter) that you don’t see a picture or some type of vision associated with that word? It can be done, but you have to try really hard. We are created to connect what we think with what we see. It’s how we are wired-especially us guys.

In other words, there’s value assigned to vision-again…good or bad.

When you think of words like grace, mercy, love, and understanding- many different pictures come to mind depending on the value you place on each word, and at what place each of those words occupy time and space within you.
Other words such as stress, anxiety, captivity, lust, and perversion also have a searing impact on how one envisions and sees the coming days, which determines how they cope with them. Whether continually trapped and powerless, or freed from their burden, we cannot forget what dangerous effects lurk just beyond our dwelling on the negativity and weightiness of picturing words that pull us down.

God’s word is more than capable of giving you victory over every attack in your mind through words and curses that you dwell on, or maybe someone spoke over you.

In Proverbs twenty-nine, it says “where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained”. Vision is very important, and so are the words that encapsulate our vision and reasoning for the creative processes we actively take part in every day. The word “unrestrained” literally means to let go, out of control, and being in lack.
Lack in itself paints a thousand words that no one needs or deserves.

Proverbs chapter eighteen also states that “death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat of its fruit”. Death is mentioned first because of the sinful nature of man, which is the law of the flesh waging war against the spirit.
So be cautious in choosing your words-for they have value far beyond what we can ever imagine or conceive with the images they retrieve.

The Value of your Vision determines your Victory!

Michael Johnston

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