Team of V.I.P.’S

So you’re a leader and you have a team of V.I.P.’S. They are “very important people” to say the lest, because they are on your team right? But today I want to talk about another form of V.I.P., which stands for “Very Interesting People”. In leading people today, I think it behoove’s us as leaders to surround ourselves with people who have some interesting characteristics that they bring as a part of the team. A multi-culture, metro-versatile individual is most valuable when his/her personality mixes and blends well not only with the landscape of the team, but in the local community as well.
Now, some teams are full of people who “know” others, and have “connections” that help in being on point and getting the task and vision complete in a short amount of time. That’s not all bad, but rigid at times. Lest we forget, which we do a lot, leading and team building is supposed to be fun, not all business.
A good mix of all four major personality groups is a good idea when building your team. You need the Dominant ones to drive the team, the vitality of the Influencers to rally everyone together for the cause, the Steady ones to take on the work load to see it done, and the Compliant personalities to make sure it’s all done the right way. The DISC model is bulletproof and well worth the time to hand-pick from each to build a stellar team. The ratio of extroverts to introverts should be a good equal amount as well, with the Dominant/Ifluencers being extroverted and outgoing, and the Steady/Compliant types comfortable being on cruise control behind the scenes. It all works! And it all works good. It won’t be perfect, but it will be a team to be proud of, and one that will be able to say, “We did it!”

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